Bachelor of Science ( BSc )

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This fully online    Bachelor of Science, BSc degree program from Global Humanistic University is suitable for professionals with a vocational school qualification as well as for high school graduates.

The fully online program covers six semesters (maximum of seven years).

The GHU BSc (Honors) Business and Management covers the knowledge, understanding, and skills expected of successful honors graduates in business and management for only a total of USD 13.900,00 .

Pay as you progress. You pay for one course at the beginning ( USD 990,00 - before you start), and then gradually per course (USD 990,00) until the total amount of USD 13.900,00 is reached.


AAC accredited  


180 ECTS
(90 US Credits)


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The program aims to provide students with wide knowledge and a deep understanding of the functional aspects of a business organization and its interconnection. It develops student's practical, managerial, and communication skills as well as their business decision-making capability. Students will acquire a broad and comparative knowledge of the general scope of their degree subject, current developments in the subject, its different areas and applications, and its interactions with related subjects.

The degree program comprises 180 ECTS (or equivalent Credit Points) with a study duration of six semesters (maximum of seven years). You will be enrolled at Global Humanistic University and receive your degree from the Global Humanistic University for only total USD 13.900,00.
Pay as you progress. You pay for one course at the beginning ( USD 990,00 -  before you start), and then gradually per course (USD 990,00) until the total amount of USD 13.900,00 is reached.

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  • Language of instruction in English 
  • Enrolled at the Global Humanistic University  
  • Internationally recognized academic degree 
  • Time and place independent 
  • Part-time 
  • Scripts/lectures in the virtual seminar room 
  • 180 full ECTS or equivalent Credit Points 
  • NO pre-study required
  • Accredited by AQAS (Germany) and AAC (Curacao)
  • Entry is possible at any time 
High School exam or completed vocational training and four years of professional experience.
"Bachelor of Science, BSc" is an internationally recognized degree. Upon completion, the degree of Global Humanistic University will be issued with Bachelor of Science (BSc) and graduates may take the title of "BSc".

The Bachelor is suitable for postgraduate studies.
Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
Business Economics
Information and Communication Systems
Project Management
Human Resource Management
Business Law
Management Reporting
Case Studies Marketing
Process Management
Financial Management
Public Relations
Innovation Management
Strategic Management
Modelling for Business Decisions
Leadership and Team Management

This course is designed to provide students with an overview of business economics. In contrast to macroeconomics and microeconomics, business economics focuses on the company and is concerned with effective resource application within the firm. Business economics in general deals with planning, organisational and analytical decisions. The course provides students with knowledge of productive factors, internal/external stakeholders, form of organisation, company aims, strategies, financial ratio and decision theories. Students will gain an understanding of how firms function and also develop a foundation of knowledge and skills relevant for other areas of business and management such as accounting, business law and marketing.

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This course aims to provide students with an understanding of key concepts of microeconomics and macroeconomics. It will introduce students to the definitions and relevant models applied and thus help them understand, analyse and assess the causes and effects of national and international events and political decisions taken or discussed. The course will enable students to gain an insight into human and organisational economic behaviour and the importance of incentives and powers in force in the various types of markets.

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The course provides students with the opportunity to gain an overall understanding of information and communication systems, their development, management, application, implementation and their impact upon organisations, in particular in an SME context. Students will develop the knowledge and skills to use and manage information and communication systems to effectively and efficiently support business processes, improve business decision-making and gain a competitive advantage. The course will enable students to recognise the impact and value of information systems in business, in particular supporting managerial decision-making and strategic advantage from the perspective of both a user and that of a manager. Through practical tasks and assignments, students will also gain an understanding of data and process modelling.

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This course aims to provide students with a detailed knowledge and understanding of the design, planning, implementation and evaluation of projects in a variety of sectors, the management of resources, the supply chain, procurement, logistics, outsourcing and quality systems. Sudents will gain an insight into how projects are managed using up-to-date project management tools and technologies, develop awareness of the role of projects in the wider economy, and enhance their individual effectiveness in the world of work through practical work on project management processes from a range of sectors.

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This course aims to provide students with an overview of key marketing concepts and techniques. It provides students with an understanding of market-oriented thinking and doing. More specifically, the course aims to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the core role of marketing from a theoretical, strategic, instrumental and organisational perspective. Students will gain insight into different approaches for the development, access and operation of markets for resources, goods and services, segmentation, targeting, positioning, generating sales and the need for innovation in product and service design, as well as management of customer expectations, relationships and development of service excellence.

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This course aims to provide students with knowledge and understanding of managing business processes. It deals with concepts, techniques, operation and control of business processes and develops students’ ability to define, design, apply and evaluate relevant process management tools.  Students will also develop their skills in managing data and information effectively in order to assist problem solving and decision-making.

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This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the key elements of enterprise, as well as of entrepreneurship as a process. They will deal with key attributes of entrepreneurs, as well as with hard facts such as legal structure and financing. The course aims to make students aware of opportunities, key drivers for business success and risks of entrepreneurship. In addition, it will enhance students’ practical knowledge of business formation and develop their skills in assessing and dealing with issues and challenges in leading and managing in the SME sector.

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The main aim of this course is to provide students with a sound understanding of contemporary corporate finance both theoretically and practically. The course will explore key aspects of financial management, including investment decision, financing decision and working capital management. It will enable a critical appreciation of the link between accounting and finance, and the interaction between financial decision-making and capital market behaviour, as well as developing students’ skills in analysing principles of strategic financial management decisions and determining appropriate methods for long- and short-term financing decisions.

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This course focuses on leadership and its application to managing teams or organisations from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. It employs theoretical concepts and models, coupled with case studies based on the experiences of leaders in business to understand how to develop leadership potential in oneself and others. Students are expected to critically investigate leadership roles, styles, philosophy, and behaviour in organisations. The course also explores the qualities of leadership through the evaluation of models dealing with high performance and authentic leadership, and strengthens the ability to act entrepreneurially to generate, develop and communicate ideas, manage intellectual property, gain support, and deliver successful outcomes. 

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Depending on the module, various examinations may be required in the form of presence checks and / or submission tasks (analyzes, case studies, and essays). Submission tasks can be requested at any time.
Positively assessed examinations of equivalent courses can be recognized (maximum of six modules = 60 ECTS or equivalent Credit Points). The application for recognition must be submitted in writing when registering to study. Send your collected module descriptions, certificates, and so forth to the GHU with the subject line "Request for Examination of the Recognition", and we will examine them. 
The Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree program is accredited by the Agency for Quality Assurance through Accreditation of Degree Programs (AQAS) and accredited by the Accreditation Agency of Curacao (AAC).
All activities and initiatives of the Global Humanistic University are always based on UNESCO and the Guidelines for Quality Commission in Cross-border Higher Education of OECD.