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There are many excellent universities. The difference is that the GHU offers 24/7 services, you can use the modern online campus 24/7, and the fees are student-friendly and fair.

Yes, everything is included in the tuition fees. 

The GHU wishes to charge fair and honest tuition fees in a transparent manner and you can pay per course for the MBA, the BSc, and the MSc programs. Please feel free to compare the fees with other accredited universities in the US, UK, or Europe.

As our tuition fees are low, compared fees with those of other accredited universities in the US or UK or Europe, we do not offer any discounts. 

The GHU is an online university. You can find all the necessary information on the website. If an online university does not have all the information (including the total tuition fees) on the website, be careful.

Everything is handled via the GHU Online Campus - one of the most modern platforms available. Here you will find (for each course) the lectures, recordings, documents, scripts, the student handbook and all other necessary documents for your studies.

Which documents do I have to upload?

In order to complete the application process, you have to upload the following documents. Resume/curriculum vitae (C.V.), a copy of your I.D. (Passport, Driver's License, ID card, ...), a photo, and copies of your degrees.

BSc  Total credits = 180 ECTS (90 US credits and 360 UK credits)  

The duration is 6 semesters Total cost of USD 13.900 – you pay per course

MSc  Total credits = 120 ECTS (60 US credits and 240 UK credits)  

The duration is 4 semesters Total cost of USD 11.900 - you pay per course

MBA Total credits = 60 ECTS (30 US credits and 120UK credits)  

The duration is 2 semesters Total cost of USD 5.940 - you pay per course

PhD / DBA Total credits = 180 ECTS (90 US credits and 360 UK credits)  

The duration is 6 semesters Total cost of USD 25.000 - you can pay in installments

You choose your own courses and only pay for 1 course (990 USD) at a time. After completing one course you will receive a CAS (Certificate of Advanced Study), after three CAS you will receive a DAS (Diploma of Advanced Study) and after 6 completed courses you will have achieved the MBA. 

The MBA imparts management skills as well as soft skills and is highly regarded by companies. 

The online BSc in Business Management (total cost of USD 13.900), the MSc in Management (total cost of USD 11.900), and the MBA (total cost of USD 5.940) are structured according to the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG) and Lisbon (Council of Europe/UNESCO) Convention and the Guidelines for Quality Commission in Cross-border Higher Education of OECD.

The MBA title helps you to improve your practical knowledge and the management skills you learn in your studies will allow you to take on new challenges in your company. You will impress with your performance and will boost your career and salary.

Yes, there is direct access to advanced master's programs. As a rule, a student must demonstrate at least four years of relevant professional experience, including managerial duties.

No, there is no such thing as being too old for an MBA. And in general, the age of MBA students is between 30 and 50.

You can start at any time. The continuing education mode of online learning means there are no time constraints. After receiving your confirmation of admission, you can start your program immediately.

That depends on your personal situation, of course. All online learning programs have been developed for working professionals. Of course, you can take breaks from learning when things are stressful at work, or you need more time for your family. It is recommended to take 1 exam every 2 months. This is possible while working.

Whether your employer will contribute to the funding of your MBA or will depend on many factors, including your own negotiating skills.

Online universities provide students with the opportunity to pursue bachelor, master, and doctoral courses and complete degree programs completely online – the student can study whenever, wherever, and however he/she wants and save on travel- and accommodation costs. 

Verify the accreditation by recognized accreditation agencies, verify the state recognition from the Government and/or Ministry of Education, examine the faculty, explore student support services, and determine the delivery format.

Confirming the accreditation of the school is especially important with online education. Accreditation is your assurance that an institution or program provides a high-caliber education. It also convinces prospective employers that your degree has value when you interview for jobs.

Accreditation and state recognition from the Government and/or Ministry of Education. 

Accreditation by recognized accreditation agencies, a modern online platform, excellent student support, state recognition from the Government and/or Ministry of Education and 24/7 access.

A growing number of students are obtaining their higher education through online universities. These universities offer full degree programs over the Internet. Most traditional universities have branches that conduct online degree programs. About 92 million students globally are enrolled in online courses.

Working professionals often turn to online universities so that they can attend class over the Internet and still be able to accommodate their work and family schedules.

There are many good managers who rely on instinct rather than education. Practical experience is good, but a sound theoretical foundation helps you understand your actions and set the right structures.

In a fully digital program, students view and attend lectures via on-demand videos and recordings, participate in group discussions through chat rooms, and collaborate with other students through video conferencing

Most students choose an online program because they want the flexibility of completing their entire degree online at their own pace.

Among the methods are synchronous learning, asynchronous learning, hybrid learning, fixed time online learning, as well as computer-managed learning (CML), and E-learning.

The credentials awarded to those who complete online college programs range from basic to advanced, including associate degrees, doctorates, and everything in between.

- Short courses

- Bachelor programs

- Master programs

- Doctoral programs

Many programs start multiple times per year at various intervals, or at any time. This varies by university and program.

All subjects are taught. 

Since online universities conduct class completely over the Internet, they often deal with subjects that do not require hands-on training. Some topics that are commonly covered by online university degree programs are information technology, business administration, project management, and nursing.

Online colleges typically have students submit papers and assignments through their online platforms, and a few universities assess student learning by assigning portfolios that are developed throughout the course. This method allows instructors to see the students' progress over time and accurately evaluate their improvement.

 Accreditation is the most important decisive factor when selecting an MBA program, along with the online campus technology and practical relevance.

Regional accreditation shows that an institution meets the highest standards for programs, faculty, and student success. Credits earned at regionally accredited institutions are more widely accepted as transfer credits.

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