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Harvard Business School Online

The Global Humanistic University is delighted and honored to be in collaboration with Harvard Business School Online. The agreement to collaborate with Harvard Business School is to offer one of its Certificate Programs, to all our students. This program is Sustainable Business Strategy. The students get a Certificate from Harvard Business School.  

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Schiller University

Global Humanistic University is partnering with Schiller International University to offer Schiller, master, graduates the opportunity to pursue online doctoral programs, both PhD and DBA in Business, Management, Finance, and Law and many other study fields at the very highest level.

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Universidad Da Vinci

The Global Humanistic University in the Netherlands Antilles is proud to be associated with the Universidad da Vinci in Mexico City.

The UDV programs are recognized by the Secretariat of Public Education (RVOE, SEP). Similarly, some of its programs fit the standards of the National Register of Quality for Postgraduate Studies (PNPC), which is in turn accredited by the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT).

Both the UDV and the GHU are convinced that "sharing knowledge, models and educational practices is essential for the development of a thriving educational community."

The UDV and the GHU will be working together officially through joint and collaborative high-level doctoral programs and in the future the exchange of students.

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University of California, Riverside


The Global humanistic University (GHU) is proud to announce the start of its MSc in Business Management Program that will be offered in collaboration with the University of California, Riverside (UCR). The MSc Program will begin in February of 2020. 

Global Humanistic University students enrolled in the MSc in Business Management Program will be offered opportunities to undertake on-campus courses of study at the University of California, Riverside. 

UCR will provide GHU students who have completed a minimum number of credits of graduate study at the GHU with the opportunity to study graduate-level courses at the University of California, Riverside and earn University of California credits that can transfer back to GHU.

UCR will provide GHU (MSc) students who will graduate from the GHU’s MSc in Business Management with the opportunity to enroll in 3 different programs of their choice: 

  • a 3-month Postgraduate Certificate in Management (PGCM)

  • a 6-month Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Management (PGCAM)

  • a 9-month Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDM) plus a 3-month specialization + internship.

Students who graduate from the MSc will be awarded a Double Award: the MSc from GHU and the PGCM/PGCAM/PGDM from UCR. 

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Creditreform (UK)

Debt Collection Partner