Honourable Minister of Education of Anguilla

Dee-Ann Kentish Rogers

Dear Students, Professors, and staff of GHU, 

It is my pleasure and honor as the Minister of Education of Anguilla to be able to personally express to my delight that you stand for a globalized, humane, and ethical mindset with the Global Humanistic University (GHU), the first global online university of Anguilla (AI).

Modern times and technical accomplishments demand new systems in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) field, along with sustainable concepts. 

The GHU is the first university in Anguilla that has created an opportunity for students globally through AI with its modern online campus that allows any student to study whenever, however, and wherever he/she wishes, without any limitations. The GHU stands out because it offers affordable study programs for everyone globally. This university offers the possibility of a successful career, opportunities for personal development, a considerable contribution to the economy of the student's home country and, above all, to sustainability. 

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Endorsing and advocating for one of GHU’s foundational tenets - 'We create your future’ - I wish everyone in the GHU much success and especially to the future students all the best and success in their studies and future careers.

Kind regards,

Dee-Ann Kentish Rogers 

Minister of Social Development, Education & Library 
Government of Anguilla


Contact the Ministry of Anguilla:

Chief Education Officer           Bren Romney               bren.romney@gov.ai

Chairperson HELB                  Kiesha Gumbs-Bibby   kiesha.gumbs@gov.ai

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