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GHU is proud to present the signing of the agreements between the Honourable Prime Minister Dr. Ellis Webster and the Rector Prof. Dr. Helmar Grabner. The team around the Prime Minister and the Rector, Honourable Minister Dee-Ann Kentish Rogers, Trade&Investment Officer Khari Goddard, CEO Dir. Bren Romney and HELB Director Kiesha Gumbs worked together for two years to register and license the first university in the country of Anguilla - the Global Humanistic University of Anguilla.

The Higher Education Licensing Board (HELB), Ministry of Education, Government of Anguilla grants the GHU AI a License to operate in Anguilla as a private university with awarding power of Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees in the fields of Business Administration, Finance, and Law. 

The GHU AI is accredited by the National Accreditation Agency AAC and the ACBSP from the US. 

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First Online University on Anguilla - GHU AI
Global Humanistic University, Andreas Grabner November 30, 2022
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