Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Partnership Program GHU (Global Humanistic University) - BSN (Business School Netherlands), (Fee:  USD 25.000 in total)

Partnership Program GHU (Global Humanistic University) - KMU (Middlesex University / KMU Akademie & Management AG)(Fee:  £29.000 / ~USD 35.000 in total)

GHU and BSN - two Institutions, two Accreditations one DIPLOMA

The Global Humanistic University (GHU) and  Business School Netherlands (BSN)  are proud of their partnership, which has been successful since, January 1st, 2022.   
This DBA program will give students the opportunity to earn one diploma issued by the GHU whilst benefiting from the collaboration of the two accredited institutions (AAC / Curacao and ACBSP / U.S.A.).  
ACBSP accredited 




In your native language  

DBA doctoral candidates will receive a massive career advantage by studying at both institutions and the program will offer them a unique international perspective as well as provide them with all the necessary skills to deal with today’s global business challenges and opportunities. 

Both, GHU and BSN are committed to their strong international reputations and BSN has built up a worldwide network with partner schools in countries such as China, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Egypt, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Surinam. 
Admission Requirements DBA
Amplia experiencia profesional, así como también un diploma o máster (300 ECTS o puntos de crédito equivalentes) u otros estudios equivalentes en una institución de educación reconocida.
    Subject of the Research
  • Business Administration  
  • Finance  
  • Law  
Possible Research Topics
  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Tourism
  • Real Estate Management
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Public Administration and Management
  • Energy
  • Sports
  • Management Consulting
  • Environment
  • Communication
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Business and Taxes
  • Sustainable Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Health
  • Company Restructuring
  • Leadership

Structure of the study
El Doctor en Filosofía (PhD) cubre un período de estudio de tres a un máximo de siete años, se divide en dos fases y concluye con 180 ECTS. Los siguientes servicios se deben proporcionar en el curso de estudio:
Phase 1
Module ECTS
 Research Proposal*  5 
 Academic Writing/Methods Skills*
 Review of Professional Capability (Reflection)*
 Planning an advanced Practitioner Research Programme (Exposé)
* Any order 60
Phase 2
Module ECTS
Project Report (Thesis - Dissertation)
Research Paper
Oral Presentation and Viva Voce (Defensio)

Total 180
Contact our dean for more information

                              Drs. Floris van Haren 


Application Process
The doctoral study process may start with the initiative and application of the doctoral student  candidate. After contacting:  
  1. The applicant fills  in the forms and sends the required information (title and abstract of the  intended research). The following documents must be sent in digital form: extended curriculum  vitae, copy of passport, copies of education and degrees (i.e. academic courses, Bachelor, Master, Mag., Dipl.‐Ing., Licenciado, etc.) with the name of the corresponding institution, place, date, subject, credit points), passport photograph (in jpg  or pdf format).  
  2. The student signs the application form.
  3. GHU’s Academic Registry  office checks the entirety of the transferred documents by the applicant and declares admission (or not) to the doctoral study program within a period of four  weeks.  
  4. GHU’s office informs the applicant about the admission (or not) to the doctoral study program.
  5.  The finance department sends the first payment invoice of USD 9.000,00.  
  6. GHU’s Academic Registry office declares the official admission to the doctoral study program and the student can get into the virtual Campus.
  7. GHU looks for an appropriate  advisor for the student's intended research and makes contact between advisor and doctoral  student.  
  8. Advisor and student then arrange a meeting (virtual) where the advisor will be doing the interview in order to determine whether he will  take responsibility for advising the intended research project of the doctoral student applicant.  If this is the case the applicant is finally admitted to the doctoral study program and the advisory agreement  between both is signed.

Advantages   of enrollment at the prestigious Global Humanistic University in partnership with BSN - Doctoral program:
  • Entry is possible at any time. 
    Study program free from time and location constraints.
    The collaborative DBA program is offered 100% online via the Online Campus.
    Minimum duration is 3 years, and the maximum duration is 7 years.
    Study in English or in your own native language.
    Tuition fees for the whole program: 25.000, - USD – can be paid in three installments.
    No additional application fees.
    180 ECTS (90 US Credits).
    DBA is recognized and accredited by AAC (National Accreditation Agency of Curacao) and ACBSP (USA).


Una vez finalizado, se otorgará el título de Doctor en Administración de Empresas de la Global Humanistic University (DBA o Dr.). 

El Doctorado en Administración de Empresas es un título reconocido internacionalmente expedido después de un mínimo de tres años de estudios de doctorado en el tercer nivel de la clasificación de Bolonia.  Después de completar con éxito el curso de estudios de DBA, los graduados pueden tomar el título de DBA o Dr.


Dado que solo se puede inscribir a un número limitado de estudiantes de doctorado, la admisión se decidirá en este orden: fecha del registro vinculante, los criterios de admisión y el nombramiento de un profesor/supervisor.  

Si la solicitud de estudios de doctorado es rechazada, debido a la falta de requisitos, no hay tarifas ni costos y se utilizará la próxima solicitud.


USD 25,000.-- in total


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