Combine study and family

The online study programs of the Global Humanistic University make it possible to combine family, career and studies in the best possible way.

Adelheidy P. E. Sield  

In this blog the GHU would like to give some advice to students on how to combine studying and having a family in the best possible way:


Be ready: before starting your course, plan with your partner about adjusting and modifying routines and schedules for childcare and housework.


Stay coordinated and think about getting support with aspects of your new and demanding daily routine, or develop strategies to rearrange your priorities: what are essential duties, which ones are important, which ones are not needed?


Share your experiences: ask fellow students and discuss the impacts of your study program on your family and work life. Maybe they are going through similar experiences.


Manage your obligations and admit that you cannot do it all: when you add studying at higher education level to a busy schedule some activities must be cancelled. Is there a team you are on, a private club you attend or obligations that can be put on hold while you are studying? 


Your family can enjoy the benefits of you studying as you can become a role model and support your children’s education from a position of greater knowledge. Upon graduating you will also earn a higher salary and maybe even achieve a career change, which can only result in positive changes in family dynamics and relationships.

  • PLAN

Do not leave everything to the last minute – it is essential to keep up with your appointments and tasks because being a parent means having to deal with unexpected family emergencies.


Share your motivations for studying – talk about them with your partner and if possible, with your children; this will help them to accept.

Always think about the impact of studying on your partner – role changes in families can cause additional tension for your partner, so beware and look for ways to handle and share your workloads.


Above all else, enjoy your educational journey and the good and challenging experiences an online study program with the GHU will bring.

Our goal is to provide education for everyone through the               GHU Online Edition.

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